Erik Stambaugh
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Fallbrook, CA 92028


Seeking a challenging position to make full use of my skills in technical management, software engineering, UNIX and Linux systems, and network engineering.


Team leader and senior-level DevOps engineer with over 20 years of cross-role experience in a wide range of software, operational and business disciplines. Especially proficient in support application development, rapid integration of technologies and systems analysis that requires broad understanding and the ability to see and communicate the "big picture.”

Often unusually excited by workflow improvements, system integration and automation, data analytics and visualization, instrumentation, and abusing any opportunity to use Django or CSS3.

Work Experience

2012-2015 (present): Red 5 Studios Inc., Irvine, CA

Senior Systems Engineer

As one of the lead engineers on the technical operations team for a massively-multiplayer online game, responsible for:

  • Mentoring, coaching and training for all new admin and engineering staff; performed technical screening for potential new hires and supervised systems administration staff.
  • Performed as technical lead for senior administrators and engineers, as well as a representative to direct and interdepartmental management.
  • Software engineering (python/django, ruby, C, jQuery) including dashboards, monitoring aggregation and realtime operational and business intelligence visualizations
  • System architecture (AWS EC2/VPC and OpenStack) and deployment automation (Chef, MAAS, Juju, and many internally-developed systems)
  • Devised and managed incident response and management plan; acted as 24x7 escalation point and main contact to other departments for critical issues.
  • Designed and delivered our entire monitoring system and our first big data and analytics architecture
  • Developed and maintained internal patches and backports to upstream software whenever needed
2011-2012: Irvine, CA

Independent Systems Consultant

Freelance development of a specialized document management and CRM application, developed using python / django, PostgreSQL and jQuery.

2009-2011: Canonical Ltd., London UK

Systems Administrator

Operated remotely from Southern California as part of Canonical's 24x7 follow-the-sun operation. Was responsible for network security, incident management, systems maintenance and deployment, development of internal systems, and integration of new technologies.

2006-2009: TrustCommerce, Irvine, CA

Senior Systems Administrator

  • Designed and maintained multiple data centers, devised incident response policies, and automated systems administration with cfengine.
  • Singlehandedly developed a virtualized software testing environment.
  • Acted as primary database administrator, including schema approval and replication maintenance.
  • Generated and assembled training materials, and served as primary mentor for new systems administration staff.
  • Participated in PCI DSS compliance activities
2005-2006: Mindspeed Technologies, Newport Beach, CA

Systems Engineer

Devised new test, automation, and development processes. Acted in an advisory role to the IT department for network security and server architecture issues.

2004: Mindspeed Technologies, Newport Beach, CA

Bugzilla Consultant (contract)

Expanded the single-division Bugzilla project into a company-wide issue-tracking system. Developed new interfaces to Bugzilla for scheduled reporting, performed intranet integration and data migration from legacy systems.

2002-2003: Conexant Systems, Inc. / Mindspeed Technologies, Newport Beach, CA

Systems Integration Consultant (contract)

Responsible for the deployment and integration of new engineering support software. Converted old engineering data from the legacy environment. Provided customizations to open source software like Bugzilla, Bonsai, and Tinderbox. Developed and maintained two open source projects (CVS Cop and DocIndex)

2002: Conexant Systems, Inc. / Mindspeed Technologies, Newport Beach, CA

Linux Consultant (contract)

Developed an OC-3 network processor testing application; developed enhancements to the Linux ATM kernel driver to better serve test equipment.

2001: Ten Square, San Jose, CA (ceased operations)

Systems Administrator

Worked on a team of systems administrators with varying specializations. Developed a reverse proxy application, encrypted file transfer GUI, and VPN monitoring and administration tool.

2000-2001: Coreon, Inc., Fremont, CA (ceased operations)

Network Operations Engineer

Provided network and services support for users within the company. Installed, configured, and maintained Solaris and Linux systems for the company's West coast network operations center (NOC). Provided network fault detection and resolution for multiple customer networks.

1999-2000: Covad Communications, Santa Clara / San Jose, CA

Senior Network Analyst (contract)

Top-tier escalation point for a nationwide circuit-switched data network. Developed applications for automated testing of new colocation equipment and circuits. Was placed on a number of special projects including Unix systems administration and software testing.

1993-1997: InterComm Internet Services, Sparks, NV


Responsible for all aspects of the company's operation, from software engineering, systems and network architecture, to sales, marketing, graphic design, and technical support.


Cloud Architecture
Heavy experience in the AWS cloud environment. Very recent experience configuring and using OpenStack.
Configuration Management
Extensive use of Chef. Some experience with Juju. A little rusty with Puppet or Cfengine.
Programming Languages
Primarily a Python developer. Very strong Bash, JavaScript, and Perl. Proficient with Ruby and C. Familiar with C# and C++.
User Interface Design and Programming
Heavy use of pure HTML and SVG with CSS and JavaScript client-side code. Some less recent experience with GTK/GNOME and OpenGL.
Data Systems
Systems-level (not DBA-level) administration of MySQL and PostgreSQL. Some experience with NoSQL or key/value systems like ElasticSearch, Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase. Also experienced with big-data services like Hadoop and Elastic MapReduce. Proficient with SQL at the application level.
Operating Systems
Intimate (borderline greybeard) knowledge of the GNU/Linux operating system. Most recently experienced with Ubuntu and other Debian-based distributions. Less-recent experience with Red Hat derivatives like Fedora or CentOS. Strong familiarity with Solaris and other SVR4 or BSD Unix systems. Also very comfortable with Mac OS X, Windows, and MS-DOS systems.
Network Hardware
Experienced in configuration and use of Linux routers, bridges and firewalls; Cisco IOS, PIX/ASA, Catalyst, BPX and MGX, and HP managed switches.
Systems Administration
System and network design and architecture, automation, archival, storage, virtualization, clustering and security.

Personal Interests

Active in a broad range of arts from music (guitarist, producer, recording engineer), vehicular and steel sculpture, digital interactive art installations, all the way down to homebrewing and costume design. Currently attempting to learn the piano, welding, and Unity 5, with varied results.

Member of the Black Rock Rangers, a trained volunteer organization that performs safety, crisis and conflict mediation at large-scale events and festivals.

Other Information

Full references and salary history are available upon request.

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